A Quote by Labadie Celeste on grace, gratitude, compassion, and divinity

This is how I find compassion
I stand between a tree and the sun
I remain until I can find the luminescence in aspen bark.
I continue because I seek the core of truth in every being.

This is how I find grace:
I surrender to water.
I surrender to the rock.
I obseve sensations on the surface of my skin.

This is how I practice gratitude:
I peel a tangerine.
I give away all it's quarter moon sections,
Allowing the fruit of  service to introduce me to strangers.

With open palms,
I walk into the fire of life.
The soul needs no shelter from the sun.
I remember that everything is a part of me.

In my world
I seek the divinity of all things.
Finding an eagle  feather on the corner of mystery,
I pick it up, holding it between my body and the sun.
                                                                                             Celeste Labadie 2003

Labadie Celeste

Contributed by: Mamakat