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These are the five classes of psychosomatic ills:

1. Those ills resulting from mentally caused derangement in physical fluid flow, which class subdivides into  a. Inhibition of fluid flow.b. Magnification of fluid flow.  
2.  Those ills resulting from mentally caused derangement of physical growth, which class subdivides into a. Inhibition of growth. b. Magnification of growth. 
3. Those ills resulting from predisposition to disease resulting from a chronic psychosomatic pain in an area.  
4.  Those ills resulting from perpetuation of a disease on account of chronic pain in an area.  
5.  Those ills caused by the verbal command content of the engrams.
In Dianetics, the application of technique to relieve the engrams causing these ills has brought the uniform relief on all patients treated without relapse.  In short and in brief, psychosomatic ills can now be cured.  All of them.

L. Ron Hubbard

Source: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Pages: 121...131

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