A Quote by Koyote on awakening, transformation, self-realization, and conscious living

"I am part of an ancient tradition, a tradition that has had in its hands the technology for awakening and transformation.  This ancient order, if you will, comes out of hiding for brief moments in time and then goes to the underground again.  I have been given only a few years to open the doors to this knowledge and we're about to close the doors.  Before we close the doors, I want to make this technology for self-realization available. 

Now everybody around you is asleep, living a life that is mechanical, surrounded by fears, habits, and unconscious tendencies.  We cannot be free to do our Will when we are under the influence of the sleep of the massess.  We can teach people the practical methods for awakening, for attaining one's Will, one's goals, the technology for living a conscious life.  I believe that in six months we can teach them to awaken the machine at will and live the type of life they want to live."


Contributed by: Mapachtli