A Quote by Konstantin Serebrov on hermes trismegistus, spiritual alchemy, self growth, and transformation

Hermes Trismegistus stated that the transformation of the disciple's soul goes in the proper way only under the constant heightened temperature kept in the retort which is sealed by the seal of Hermes. By fire under the retort, we mean an extreme situation which is regularly created for every disciple by the heightened atmosphere of the School, and which induces the inner tensions of the disciples, or inner temperature, as alchemists say. The extreme conditions are indispensable for the full transformation. ... The extreme situations, which cause inner temperature might have to do with heavy physical work as well as with complicated psychological situations. Then all the numerous 'selves' of the disciple clash with each other because of their contradictory wishes.

Konstantin Serebrov

Source: The Techniques of Taoists, by Konstantin Serebrov

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