A Quote by Sant Kirpal Singh on love and spirituality

Love beautifies everything. When you see through the eyes of Love, that beautifies; even the darkest thing will appear to be very beautiful. But really, man is in the make. Some come as made, some are made here. This fate awaits everybody. Every Saint has his past and every sinner a future. If you continue to have only thoughts of God, say for a few days, you'll feel blessedness. When you eat, thank God that you're remembering. When you go to sleep, all right, "I'm going in Your Lap." You're not to leave or go into the wilderness. We have to learn swimming in water, not on dry land. To be aloof, cynic-like, you won't learn then. That is why in the lives of very great Rishis there were failures. A cobra or a snake is very harmless but when you make him angry?--You must be air-conditioned, that's all.

Kirpal Singh

Source: The Light of Kirpal, Pages: 172

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