A Quote by King Hussein of Jordan on action, common sense, discovery, harmony, learning, life, morality, popularity, practicality, reality, responsibility, and simplicity

I have become convinced - the hard way - that the only reliable guideposts for responsible and respectable conduct, including foreign policy formulations and international relations, is a true composite of morality, legality and reality. When this trio is not in harmony, policies and actions go askew, contrary to popular pragmatic precepts. I have discovered that moral sense and common sense are not mutually exclusive. As a practical matter they are synonymous indeed. Unprincipled policies are ultimately and inherently impractical. The sooner one learns that simple lesson, the simpler one's life becomes.

King Hussein (1935 - 1999)

Source: Commencement Forum speech, graduation of his son Prince Feisal, Brown University, May 1985

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