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These are the 5 tips that helped me a lot in my art, daily life and where I am now. I hope it do justice to anyone who believe in themselves as much as I do.

#1 Patience. Do not be easily despair when you failed or do not see the outcome in whatever you've done, even if it took your life. Focus and keep striving on it cause good things come to those who wait.

#2 What goes around comes around. This apply to anything in one's daily life. Be sincere and do not hope for returns. Somehow or another, you will be rewarded by different means. Believe it.

#3 Travel. The further you go, the wider your knowledge, the better you see things in life especially the minor details that you once overlooked.

#4 Explore and try new different things. Screw routine. Do something radical for at least once in your life. Something you never thought you could actually do. The sense of achievement is beyond imaginable.

#5 Passion. Do it for the sake of love. Sacrifice in what you believe in, the money comes later.

The Killer Gerbil


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