A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, nihilism, douleia, banauseia, aristeia, humanity, personality, ideology, and history

It is inscribed necessarily in human nature that the deformation or cultic-ideological ruin of personality is always more decisively and irremediably accomplished than are any of the precarious and tentative accomplishments of aristic cultivation:  in quite different senses both eudaimonically and dysdaimonically, whoever touches a formative human soul touches eternity.  Children may literally be scarred for life by traumatic abuse that was executed for the benefit of transient doulic hungers or for evaporative banausic prosperity.  And "history" is the ever-compounding consequences of such demented dyscultures and nihilist priorities, the long dark night of the traumatized soul from which one age or perhaps another may struggle to wake up.

Kenneth Smith

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