A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, modernity, nihilism, humanity, aristeia, and nietzsche

Nietzsche's realization was astute that modernity had abolished the very prospect of humanity as ancient culture grasped it as aristeia or nobility, or even as medieval Christianity grasped it in the form of spirituality.  Modernity has, from generation to generation and from century to century, an ever-lowering ceiling of minimalist "humanity," an arrant folly of setting up the democratist "human, all too human" as if it could in any way serve as some sort of norm or standard.  It is nothing but a quivering, quavering mass of pathos, a gross form of moral and spiritual and philosophical bankruptcy:  it is one great complex of fault-lines across the superficial plaque of a veneer-culture, a mere mask of humanity over bestiality.  That is what our programmatic war against aristeia ultimately means, the systematic abolition of "man" as well considered as an honorific or value-laden concept.

Kenneth Smith

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