A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, truth, capitalism, and science

The rise of techno-science and capitalism, bent on controlling all things just through their inherent chaotism (the weaknesses or vices in their organicism), is a concerted determination to make human existence a grandiose mechanistic apparatus, an infinitely regimented economy:  nothing in human psyche or natural resources or the “noosphere” of ideas should escape the net of lawful determinations extrapolated from the fictive “first principle” of Money or Capital.  —If we encountered this coordinated web of irrationalist compulsions among a primitive tribe or an alien species, we would recognize it for what it actually is, a cult or mania; but since it is a cult or mania that has owned the Western world free and clear for the past five or six centuries, it is instead adulated and revered as “ultimate truth,” as the divinely decreed and fated Way Things Are and Will Eternally Remain.

Kenneth Smith

Source: http://www.tcj.com/?p=1000

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