A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, existence, self, and ego

For the vast majority of humans, to be a "self" means nothing other than to carry their own claustral cardboard-box of dysculture and rhetorical controls and verbal-perspectival poverty around over their heads, so they can be out and about "in" the world without actually having to be "in" it in such a way that they suffer the chaos of it and are exposed to the rawness of it. Idiotia wants always one-way perception or information or intelligence about the world, like the sunshaded stand-apart or alienated loner who tries to observe without being seen or the sniper who picks his shots without himself being exposed to fire; idiotia wants to know without being known, to stripmine the world and other people of what is useful to him but utterly without any reciprocity or just exchange. Ego overwhelmingly is just a way of getting through life untouched, unscathed, uneducated, i.e. with one's virginal infantilism intact; that is ego's most profound and pious mission, and the whole meaning of its ensemble of monadic-isolationist purposes; except for a very few anomalies across an entire population, "ego" is just the commonplace expression for idiotia. "Existence" for the vast majority of humans is more truthfully the buffering virtuality and technology of anesthesia or euphoria that shields them from actual and naked "existence," the kind of life that is "truth"-based (analogous to "fact-based accounting procedures," as opposed to unctuous and subjectivist hypotheticalisms).

Kenneth Smith

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