A Quote by Kenneth Smith

Through the experience of others' great and contagious self-pity, those who have insights and perspectives that ought to fit them for positions of authority and decisiveness are reduced, demoted to positions of ideological subjection, of a crippling susceptibility of being over-considerate of others: this inversion of power-relations that makes the rational and magisterial mind subordinate to the irrational and pathetic is substantively the same as the (distinctively modern) ideological or caste-attitude of "resentment," the peculiar "contempt" that inferior minds have for superior ones. Modernity by these two dynamics alone would already be locked into a trajectory of kakistocracy, systematic rule or domination by the worst forms of personality and mentality: the elevation of the vilest and most self-obtuse to positions of mastery over others.

Kenneth Smith

Source: philosophy, resentment, contempt, modernity, kakistocracy, subjection, self-pity

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