A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, modernity, and thinking

The modern "world" only exists or functions as an apparent self-coherent and universally extensive "world-order" insofar as its conventionalisms, conformisms and orthodoxies are profoundly and systematically mistaken for something other than the ideological (ulteriorly motivated, extrinsically utilitarian) constructs that they actually are: their validity hinges utterly on a mass of profoundly defeated or pathetic slacker-mentalities incompetent from childhood to discriminate the modality "artificial" or "willful" from the modalities "natural," "divine," "metaphysical," "rational," "fated," "transcendent," "authoritative," etc. In modernity's ingeniously self-presupposing or petitio-principii structures and media, the pathos ("false consciousness" or complacency/pliability) of nearly all denizens of its dysculture is an exactly reciprocal measure of the suppression, demoralization, or extermination of residual aristoi or their values and culture of aristeia. I can't put the structure of our contemporary "social controls" on "thinking" much more concisely or nakedly than that.

Kenneth Smith

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