A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, science, and modernity

Modern science precisely because of its intellectualist or unreflectively banausic predisposition has time and again bound itself into monocultural or authoritarian circumstances of institutionally enforced orthodoxy, and strictly as such-as a rigorously self-uncritical or "ordinarizing" pursuit of regularized questions within an un-thought-about framework of axiomatics or "deep science" that only extremely rare geniuses are permitted to question in their fundaments-"science" is not competent to resolve the ultimate questions that it involves itself in about the limited conceptual validity of its own covert metaphysical preconceptions or about the ultimate and actual applicability of these forms to "reality," which by grace of the dominion of the ideological system of science increasingly tends to get converted into nothing more than whatever science is predisposed to consider it to be. The autism or subjectivism of our highest accomplishments of intellect cannot be dealt with by one-sidedly banausic or "objectifying" science, which is as much as to say that for radical and structural reasons our "science" is no more than pseudoscience.

Kenneth Smith

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