A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy and self-criticism

Everything should be grist for the philosopher's mill or fat for his griddle, not because everything can be or deserves to be exploited as an illustration useful to reinforcing some abstractivism or a priorism but rather because we must be perennially and in 360 degrees vigilant against the one-sidedness of the architectonic resources with which we infuse our intelligence. "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"-and so too with the things we believe and disbelieve, trust and doubt: the more self-evident or obvious or indubitable or cogent a thesis or theme may be, the more prodigious the firepower with which it needs to get tested, and point-blank, in an undodgeable form. The ideas and values you love need to be as bulletproof as humanly possible, so anytime you can catch them off-guard, fire away.

Kenneth Smith

Contributed by: Dave