A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, love, emotions, stability, and self-mastery

Love is not a mystical or idealized relation, it is an utterly "natural" expression of self-harmonic and self-mastering individuals, but for just that reason it is something tragically, utterly, beyond being "naturally possible" for the vast majority of humans whose characters are bereft of such values and imperatives and self-subtilizing culture.  In most cases, as Nietzsche observed, all that happens between humans is that two animals find one another, and that can never be a stabilizable relation because feelings and desires (appetites) are of all experiences the most mercurial and fluctuating.  Nothing like a human life can be erected on such a foundation of constantly eroding sand; emotions, needs, feelings, will be there in every kind or form of life, but they will not have at all the same kinds of authority, power, significance, or structured role to play.

Kenneth Smith

Contributed by: Dave