A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, soul, ego, and reality

Kafka's writings often display an insidious power to describe a wholly secular and "factical" world in which the eerie or "unheimlich" elements gang up behind or beneath the ego's awareness and immerse it in a waking dream of something Other, an alien world-order similar to ancient irrationalist cultures (in transition from primitivism to civilized mythos-culture).  This plays out as a viscous pitched battle of forms within oneself, a struggle of soul (as one's sense of a more encompassing order, an Infinite within which finite divisions are liquified and dissolved) wrestling with ego (self-defined as having its rights, identity, purposes, etc. entirely within the domain of the finitized and "rationalized" world-order), thus for one of them to become the overarching power within the psyche.  In modernity the language and culture and worldview of ego (abysmally banausified and "secularized" as bourgeois ordinariness) are coterminous with "reality" itself, and reality cannot be understood or experienced any way other than egologically (so soulishness has to be gratified or nourished by horror films, mass-rock concerts, mega-churches, if not by alcoholic or narcotic stupors).

Kenneth Smith

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