A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, questions, and self-mastery

Questions, as I long ago tried to teach my students, are like cellular acids that dissolve the glue holding our preconceptions, prejudices, presuppositions, etc. together in customary clumps. All the more is this dissolution a liability in societies that lack any aristic higher structure, any form of critical authority or penetrating logic that is proof against merely slavish or conventionalist taking-for-granted and also against sophist-cynical-nihilist disillusionment. One cannot see and cannot say what is what without then initiating in that bourgeois consensus a cascade of disillusionment, a process of abolishing one absurdity after another. Just the ability to see the meanings of one's own language, what it actually implies and signifies, is already the first step in a process of ultimate subversion. The scales are falling from one's eyes, one doesn't need someone else to lead one around by the hand anymore like a child. --The end of tutelage, the beginning of appropriating one's mind for one's own disciplined use: for a certain, horrified-by-everything kind of slavish personality, this independence or self-responsibility is the most horrific prospect of all.

Kenneth Smith

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