A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy and abstractivism

Left-brained phasis or noesis is capable of being "critical" of the naive sympathies and subjectivisms of right-brained gnosis (immersed in its own undifferentiated immediacy), but of course it is NOT capable of being critical of its OWN peculiarly alienated (detached or dissociated or abstracted) ways of positing and relating to its intellectual constructs. We have a pre-self-alienated mode of immediacy that feels and (mis)takes this feeling for thinking, seeing and reasoning; and we have a self-alienated mode (psychological self-disengagement, "abstraction" or formalizing / bourgeois dissociation) that reduces its own feeling-components to something neutralized and manipulable, and this more sophisticated / noetic / abstractive mode mistakes its self-distancing or emotively chilled attitude for "truth" and "objectivity" when in actuality it is only a sort of psychic anesthetic.  Abstractivism is in actuality a form of LOCAL anesthetic that only works on its own feeling or intuitive consciousness, like those disinfectants or "deodorants" that do not counteract odors per se but rather cripple or benumb your sensory receptivity to them.  Thus, instead of actually understanding and mastering one's feeling-life, abstractivism is a normalized or conventionalized modus vivendi that merely withdraws from its own more primitive strata of being.

Kenneth Smith

Contributed by: Dave