A Quote by Ken Wilber on re-orienting generalizations

Is God Real?

Since the question came up, let's briefly go into it. When it comes to spiritual realities, the fact that when you are in a meditative state of oneness, a G-spot might light up (or whatever brain correlate is being tracked), says absolutely nothing about the ontological status of the referent in that state. Any G-spot activity in the brain is the correlate of a meditative state, not its content. When I look at an apple, an area in my brain associated with its perception lights up, but we do not therefore assume that the apple exists only in the brain. So why sould we assume that God exists only in the brain because the same thing happens?

Ken Wilber

Source: Integral Spirituality : A Startling New Role for Religion in the Modern and Postmodern World, Pages: 200

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