A Quote by Katherine Paterson on reality, life, and learning

"Nothing's turned out the way it's supposed to." (Gilly)
"How you mean supposed to?  Life ain't supposed to be nothing, 'cept maybe tough... All that stuff about happy endings is lies.  The only ending in this world is death.  Now that might or might not be happy, but either way, you ain't ready to die...  Sometimes in this world things come easy, and you tend to lean back an say, 'Well, finally, happy ending.  This is the way things is supposed to be.'  Like life owed you good things...And there is lots of good things, baby... But you just fool yourself if you expect good things all the time.  They ain't what's regular -  don't nobody owe 'em to you. " (Trotter)
"If life is so bad, how come you're so happy?" (Gilly)
"Did I say bad?  I said it was tough.  Nothing to make you happy like doing good on a tough job, now is there?" (Trotter)

Katherine Paterson

Source: The Great Gilly Hopkins, Pages: 147..148

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