A Quote by Judith Kravitz on transformational breathing

Could oxygen be the most important anti-carcinogen known to modern man? Two time winning Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg proved that cancer cells live by fermentation. They are anaerobic and, therefore, can only proliferate where cells are getting little or no oxygen. Their degenerative nature influences the cells around them as well. Dr. Warburg stated that if you deprive a cell of 60% of its oxygen, it will turn cancerous. This discovery has been instrumental in recent treatments for cancer and other incurables. A cost-effective approach is establishing a habit of full, open breathing. In addition to the benefits of increased oxygen levels in the blood, more endorphins, adrenaline, neuropeptides, and insulin, other beneficial chemicals are released into our system as well. This results in elevated mental clarity and emotional states. Full diaphragmatic breathing also activates the area of the lungs where the highest concentration of alveoli wait for oxygen.

Judith Kravitz

Source: Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly

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