A Quote by Joao Magueijo on physics, einstein, and energy

When you put numbers into this formula [E=mc2] and perform a short calculation, the implication is that inside 1 gram of matter lies dormant an energy equivalent to the explosion of about 20,000 kg of TNT. [] But that's obviously wrong, isn't it? How did Einstein cope with this enormous contradiction? No worries, Einstein pointed out that we do not notice energy, but only variations in energy. I feel cold if thermal energy moves from my body into the environment. I feel my car accelerating if I push the accelerator pedal and burn fuel, thereby taking chemical energy from the fuel and converting it into motion. The tremendous amount of energy harnessed inside 1 gram of matter passes unnoticed because it is never released into the world; it's just like a huge reservoir of energy sitting inside a body, never making its presence known.

Joao Magueijo

Source: Faster Than the Speed of Light: The Story of a Scientific Speculation, Pages: 37..38

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