A Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti on krishnamurti and gossip

"As we are concerned with what others think of us, so we are anxious to know all about them; and from this arise the crude and subtle forms of snobbishness and the worship of authority. Thus we become more and more externalized and inwardly empty. The more externalized we are, the more sensations and distractions there must be, and this gives rise to a mind that is never quiet, that is not capable of deep search and discovery." (Krishnamurti on "gossip". When I read the text, I could not help thinking: this guy is talking about my zaadz activities. Maybe this is too hard a judgement, but basically that's what we are doing here: being concerned with what others think of us and being anxious to know all about them.)

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Source: Commentaries on Living, Vol. I

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