Jason Mraz

A Quote by Jason Mraz on song, freedom, and life

Open up your plans and damn you're free!

Jason Mraz

Source: song I'm Yours

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A Quote by Jason Mraz on surrender, life, letting go, mystery, and living

Surrender to life itself and you'll just be rewarded with so many things. And I've been rewarded so many times, in so many mysterious ways. So I have no reason to be disappointed with anything.

Jason Mraz

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A Quote by Jason Mraz

Just take it easy and celebrate the malleable reality.  You see, nothing is ever at is seems, yeah this life is but a dream.

Jason Mraz

Source: "Live High"

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A Quote by Jason Mraz on bounderies, bound, see, and in

I see no bounderies except for the ones im in. =)

Jason Mraz

Source: Childlike Wildlife by Jason mraz

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A Quote by Jason T. Mraz

"I am who I am, you are who you are, and everything else is a perception based on acceptance, deception, smoke, mirrors, and so on. It's what's between us that seems to justify our accidental identities."

Jason Mraz

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