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SETH said:  The job of trying to make the world a better place seems impossible, for it appears that you have no power, and any small private beneficial action that you can take seems so puny in contrast to this generalized idea that you dismiss them sardonically, and so you do not try to use your power constructively.  You do not begin with your own life, with your own job, or with your own associates.  What difference can it make to the world if you are a better salesperson, or plumber, or office worker, or car salesman, for Christs sake?  What can one person do?    Yet that is precisely where first of all you must begin to exert yourself.  There, on your jobs and in your associations, are the places where you intersect with the world.  Your impulses directly effect the world in those relationshps.  Many of you are convinced that you are not important and while [each of] you feels that way it will seem that your actions have no effect upon the world.  You will purposefully keep your ideals generalized, thus saving yourself from the necessity of acting upon them in the one way open to you; by trusting yourself anad your impulses, and impressing those that you meet in daily life with the full validity that is your own.

Jane Roberts

Source: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book), Pages: 250

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