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What takes place in the world of action will never be as important as one's internal understanding of it, one's response inside. The main thing is to see that there is a discrepancy.  There is not an inevitable one-to-one correspondence between what happens out there and what happens in here. Once you see that, once you see that you really do have choices in the matter of how you feel about something that's happened - well, if you truly believe it, then you can hardly imagine making a deliberate intention to feel bad about anything . . . right?  Oh, I'd heard all this for years. I had a therapist once who talked about the idea that every time something bad happens, you sort of "tell yourself a story" about what it means - what terrible thing it says about you, how you had it coming maybe. Or maybe it bodes ill for your future. Or you could tell yourself it was a Growth Opportunity. Some story. The idea was not new to me, that we interpret to ourselves, constantly.  But I only understood it in my brain - which is not, in the end, all that useful an organ.  It's as if I went to sleep one night last summer, pretty much the person I'd always been, and when I woke up in the morning, I found that someone had installed a whole new organ in me while I'd slept.  

Jan Frazier

Source: When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening

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