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High up in the Rockies a small boy and his mother were visiting. One day, after he had been punished, the boy ran to the edge of the cliff and shouted at his mother, "I hate you! I hate you!" Across the ravine came the echo, "I hate you! I hate you!" Thoroughly frightened the boy ran to his mother and said . "Who is that bad man over there who said, 'I hate you'?" Taking the boy's hand, the mother led him back to the top of the cliff, "Now," she said, "call out 'I love you! I love you!'" Clearly and sweetly the echo came, repeating his words. "My boy," said the mother, taking him into her arms, "that is the law of life - what you give, you get in return."

James Keller

Source: Three Minutes by James Keller, M. M., 1950

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