A Quote by James Jarvis

We are being called to radically shift our awareness into a whole new paradigm of understanding.  The shift is from third dimensional thinking; time, space, matter, to multi-dimensional thinking.  It is time now to let go of our resistance and open to new ways of perceiving reality.  Many of the radical earth changes that we are seeing are mirroring to us the need to shift our perception.  As we change and begin to shift, the planet itself will no longer have to take on the role of the catalyst for our growth and we will see a restoration of balance and harmony on our planet.

What can we do to shift our perception....?  We can begin by taking our place as planetary healers by stepping fully into our unique gifts and forms of service.  We can begin by surrendering to the flow of universal energies that are always available to support us in developing our highest potential or power.  And we can let go of the illusion that we as individuals don’t make a difference.

We each have a calling or spiritual destiny that is essential to the whole; to the healing of the planet.  As we step into full awareness of this truth we receive increasing guidance from the divine souls that have come before us.  The only thing that prevents this guidance from happening is our illusion of separation; the belief in the limitation of third dimension reality.

James Jarvis

Contributed by: JaiJai