A Quote by James Hillman on healing, pathology, mental illness, humanistic psychology, and wholeness

Besides the fact that its {Human Potential Movement Psychology} notion of growth is simplistic, of nature romantic, and love, innocent - for it presents growth without decay, nature without catastrophes or inert stupidity, and love without possession - besides all this, its idea of the psyche is naïve if not delusional. For where is sin, and where are viciousness, failure, and the crippling vicissitudes that fate brings through pathologizing? When we turn to its literature we find scarce mention of such saturnine and sobering ideas as necessity, limitation, ancestry, or fundamental lacks or wants - the basic lacunae of each personality.It is out of touch with the stoic, tragic view of existential, irrational, pathological man.

James Hillman

Source: Re-Visioning Psychology, Pages: 62-66

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