James F. Oates

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Factors necessary to develop us into real eminence in any field: Whatever may be the nature of our work, or the character of our own vocational activity, eminence always involves the following: [And then he named four factors, and I want you to mark them.] 1. You must have the determination to excel. 2. You must have the willingness [And I want you to mark this.] to pay the price, to study, to live through disappointments with optimism, and to accept the sacrifices necessary to succeed. [Now, do you get the significance of that?] 3. You must have the steadfast pursuit of purpose, doing the work day after day, week after week, yes, year after year, whether you feel like doing it or not. 4. You must have pride and faith in the virtue of your calling. [That is to say, spiritual motivation.] (James F. Oates, Address before the YMCA at Los Angeles, California, April 15, 1960.)

James F. Oates

Source: quoted by Harold B. Lee, LDS Church president, at BYU, February 7, 1962

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