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Only a year ago, I was about to get my doctorate from an Ivy League university that was going to offer me a prestigious faculty appointment. My university mentor was encouraging me to publish my dissertation as a self-help book that he thought would be  a best seller. To boot, I was engaged to a wonderful woman who thought I was a fit mate. Never in my wildest imagination could I have dreamed of such good fortune.

I was also keeping a journal of my metamorphosis from an insecure graduate student into a journeymen psychologist. I intended to include as a case study a psychopath, a patient of mine who believed he could become President of the United States. Though he would be only a footnote, I thought he'd provide a dramatic opening. Of course I didn't intend to use his real name. But now, after all that happened, everyone knows who he is.

Back then, when I tried to preserve his anonymity, I could never have imagined he would try to kill me. Nor that I would plan to assassinate him. 

Jacob Jaffe

Source: Hobgoblins: A Novel, Pages: 1

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