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A Morning Prayer

Bless me, O God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, thou only true God.  I thank thee through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, for thy preservation of me, and for all other benifits.  I now commend myself, both soul and body, and all that thou hast me to do in my employment or calling, into thy protection.  Be thou the beginning of my conceptions, my undertakings, and all my doings.  Work thou so in me, that I may begin all things to the glory of thy name, and accomplish them in thy love for the good and service of my neighbour.  Send thy holy angel along with me, to turn the temptations of the devil and corrupt nature away from me.  Preserve me from the malice of evil men.   Make all my enimies reconciable to me, and bring my mind into thy vineyard, that I may labour in my office and employment, and behave as thy obedient servant therein.  Bless me, and all that I am to go about and do this day, with the blessing of thy love and mercy.  Continue thy grace and love in Jesus Christ upon me, and give me a mind cheerfully to follow thy leadings and execute thine appointment.  Let thy Holy Spirit guide me in my beginning, and my progress, on to my last end, and be the willing, working, and accomplishing of all in me.  Amen.

Jacob Boehme (1575 - 1624)

Source: "The way to Christ" ...page 53

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