A Quote by Jack LaLanne on exercise, health, energy, spirituality, and religion

These are just words. All these religious people — why are there so many sick ones? Because they are not fulfilling what they have, they're not working at it! They want something for nothing. They're just like most Americans these days — they want to overeat, overdrink, smoke and not exercise, and then they go to the doctor saying, "Give me a magic shot, doctor, so I can feel better and look better." They all want that, but as I said, there is a price to pay. Living is tough, it's hard, and most people, especially religious people, spend too much time on their spirituality, hoping that this spiritual thing is going to do something for them. It doesn't work that way! They've forgotten all about honesty and integrity and really getting down to the nitty-gritty.”

Jack LaLanne

Source: www.wie.org

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