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A workman of Faraday, the celebrated chemist, one day by accident knocked a beautiful silver cup into a jar of strong acid. In a little while it disappeared, being dissolved into the acid as sugar is in water, and so seemed utterly lost, and the question came up, could it ever be found again? One said it could, but another replied that being dissolved and held in solution by the acid, there was no possibility of recovering But the great chemist, Faraday, standing by, put some chemical mixture into the jar, and in a little while every particle of silver was precipitated to the bottom, and he took it out, now a shapeless mass, and sent it to the silversmith and the cup was restored to the same size and shape as before. If Faraday could so easily precipitate that silver and restore its scattered and invisible particles into the cup, how easily can God restore our sleeping and scattered dust, and change our decayed bodies into the likeness of the glorious body of Christ!

J. M. Anspach

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