A Quote by Ahmad Ibn `Ata'Allah on abstinence, darkness, faith, god, heart, individuality, reality, tranquility, and weakness

(Paraphrased: As long as an individual's heart is filled with the tendency towards what is other-than-God Most High, there is no Certitude about God.) When certitude about God Most High does occur in the heart . . . the heart becomes tranquil through the Majesty of God; then it abstains from what is other-than-God. So, it stands weak and is compelled to cry out to God for help. Then He who responds to the necessitous when they cry out to Him, responds to it. That radiant light settles into the heart and the darkness of preoccupation with what is other-than-God is extinguished therewith. Then the reality of the Realm (al-Malakut) becomes visible to it, and that is what Harithah meant when he said to the Messenger of God: "It is as if I see the Throne of my Lord distinctly." And the Messenger of God said, "The Light of God Most High is faith in one's heart."

Ibn Ata'Allah

Source: The Key To Salvation: A Sufi Manual of Invocation, 1996. p. 150

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