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Some men fear death, and sometimes they feel that it is an awful enemy; there are those who say they do not believe there is anything beyond the grave, that they think death ends conscious existence. I doubt very much if any man really believes that, as the idea of complete annihilation is one that cannot be entertained by the mind of man, when referring to himself. But men say they are afraid of that other world because they don't know much about it; they don't know what it will be like; and they fear the unknown. But really, brethren and sisters, do we not know as much about the world into which we are going as we knew about this one when we came into it? If an unborn babe could speak and it should be told that it must be bom into an unknown world, it would doubtless say, "I must not be separated from my mother or I will die. I depend upon her for my life. I must not be bom, as you call it, for that would be death," and yet, we know that if the child were not bom in due course it would die. The remarkable thing is that when it is bom the little child finds itself possessed of faculties and organs that begin to function only after birth-organs which were in process of creation during the pre-natal period but not intended to function until after birth. How wise our Heavenly Father is in making provision for the unborn babe to come into an environment where it can feel at home, and where its every need has been anticipated. I wonder whether we are now preparing-in this figuratively speaking pre-natal life-to be bom into the new and more glorious world. When we are born into that life, I think we shall find that God has prepared us for that birth-we shall find ourselves possessed of spiritual organs, so to speak, which will function fully as we become adapted to a purely spiritual environment. Then we shall refer to that transition as birth, not death. I am sure that he who made provision for our coming here has made provision for our going there.

Hugh B. Brown (1883 - 1975)

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