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Regarding Heber J. Grant's penmanship: As a youth, President Heber J. Grant's penmanship was so poor that when two of his friends looked at it, one said to the other, "That writing looks like hen tracks." "No," said the other, "it looks as if lightning has struck an ink bottle." This, of course, touched Heber Grant's pride, and he worked so diligently, so hard on it, that, while still in his teens and working as a policy clerk in the office of H. R. Mann and Co., he was offered three times his salary to go to San Francisco as a penman. He later became a teacher of penmanship and bookkeeping at the University of Deseret. In fact, with a specimen he had written before he turned seventeen, he took first prize in a territorial fair against four professional penmen.

Heber J. Grant (1856 - 1945)

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