Grace E. Easley

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While there is time Lord, May I use it well, 'Tis gone in a moment, One never can tell Which day is our last one, With so much to do, All must be in order, When summoned by You. While there is time, Lord, And life is my own, Let me bring gladness To someone alone. Renew a small hope, Rekindle a dream, For shadows are never As dark as they seem, While there is time, Lord Let me not waste The chances you give me, I cannot replace, Lend me your wisdom, That I may learn To give of myself, Nor ask a return. Let me be gentle, Keep my words kind, In spite of the worries, Crossing my mind. And when at long last, Life's sun starts to set, Let me have never A cause for regret.

Grace E. Easley


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