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Through Qigong practice we become conscious participants in our destiny.  The Chinese call this yuan fen, a concept that goes beyond destiny, fate, and even karma.  As yuan fen includes these ideas, we can see that there is a continuum of energy that ties the past with the future, placing us in a present that stretches in both directions along the time line.  Qigong helps us understand that nothing is fixed, as the Tao is an everchanging flow of energy.  So our yuan fen is also flowing, constantly in flux, moving with our very thoughts and actions.  As this constant transformative process takes place, our past and future constantly change as well.  This may seem like a strange concept at first as we are taken to believe the past is a fixed reality, completed, and thus unchangeable.  If we understand the Tao, this cannot be an acceptable conclusion.  As we flow with the natural way, all in our existence flexes and reforms.  Qigong practice awakens us to the fact even our past can undergo a drastic metamorphosis.  When this occurs, the lines of causality are redefined.  Past experiences are perceived in a more universal way and with an objective clarity.  The perceived present is concurrently objectified and we are released from the perceived past.  We must simply allow ourselves to become free of the trappings that bind us to form.  As "Dreamtime" describes a maleable reality for the Aboriginal people of Australia, Qi Space assists us in releasing form and becoming the free souls we truly are.

garri garripoli

Source: Qigong Essence of the Healing Dance

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