A Quote by "Mahatma" Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on poverty, education, college, and class

When it is difficult for millions to make even the two ends meet, when millions are dying of starvation, it is monstrous to think of giving our relatives a costly education. Expansion of the mind will come from hard experience, not necessarily in the college or in the schoolroom....  The golden rule to apply in all such cases is resolutely to refuse to have what millions cannot. THis ability to refuse will not descend upon us all of a sudden. The first thing is to cultivate the mental attitude that we will not have possessions or facilities denied to millions, and the next immediate thing is to rearrange our lives as fast as possible in accordance with our mentality.

Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

Source: The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas (Vintage Spiritual Classics), Pages: 204-5

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