A Quote by Fred Alan Wolf

Magical power in sounds and words. Perhaps the link between sounds and words and quantum physics existed in the observer of these vibrational patterns. All organs and cells vibrate. Perhaps when an organ is diseased, it is no longer receiving vibrational energy from the rest of the body. The Qabalists believed that the universe was created from sound. Thus by reciting sacred sounds, changes or transformations of matter could take place. Healing could simply consist of reinvoking those sacred sounds in the body. In other words, by singing or reciting the correct sounds, various parts of the body, out of harmony, could be brought back into harmony. Perhaps this is what the shamans do when they chant. Shamans invoked changes in nature by calling for them to appear. They didn't just call out, they sang the words. A word, when spoken in a certain way, invoked the thing spoken and not just a symbol of the thing spoken.

Fred Wolf

Source: Eagle'sQuest: A Physicist’s search for truth in the heart of the shamanic world

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