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What would a conscious business environment look like?

The most significant observation would be the total absence of abuse,shame,and threat. People would take responsibility for their behavior and deal with each other honestly and respectfully. They would hold themselves and each other accountable for adhering to some set of agreed-upon values and for working toward an agreed-upon vision. Deviations and errors would be an opportunity for learning and growth,rather than an excuse for blame and punishment.

There would still be problems,people that don’t get along,and losses. A conscious business environment is not a Garden of Eden where everything is always blissful. The marketplace is a turbulent place with no guarantees of success. The main difference displayed by a conscious business environment is that in addition to the drive to achieve their goals,people would experience also the commitment to operate according to their values. This commitment is the source of unconditional dignity that would give the organization and its members a core of luminosity from which to extend into the world.

A conscious business environment would be a challenge,an invitation to develop people’s physical,emotional,mental,and spiritual spheres. The conscious organization is a crucible where people refine themselves through service and partnership. As Khalil Gibran would say,a conscious business is a place where it becomes obvious that work is “love made visible.”

Fred Kofman

Source: Sounds True Interview with Fred Kofman: http://store.soundstrue.com/interview-kofman.html

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