A Quote by Fred Kofman on work, love, fear, fullness, and freedom

At some point in your life you might change. You might realize “Wait a minute! I’m not empty. I’m full. I am more than full. I am overflowing with fullness and freedom.” Then, you leave fear and you enter love. Now your life becomes a quest to express that fullness and that freedom. Now you are not looking to fill yourself up by achieving something. You are actually looking for ways in which you can express the fullness and freedom that you already are. You don’t work to make money, although money is part of the deal; you work to express your creative potential in the service of others. That’s when you do your best work.

Fred Kofman

Source: A Conversation with Fred Kofman: http://www.integralleadershipreview.com/archives/2003/2003_03_kofman.html

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