A Quote by Francisco J. Varela on compassion and buddhism

The possibility for compassionate concern for others, which is present in all humans, is usually mixed with the sense of ego and so becomes confused with the need to satisfy one's own cravings for recognition and self-evaluation.  The spontaneous compassion that arises when one is not caught in the habitual patterns - when one is not perfoming volitional actions out of karmic cause and effect - is not done with a sense of need for feedback from its recipient.  It is the anxiety about feedback - the response of the other - that causes us tension and inhibition in our action.  When action is  done withouth the business-deal mentality, there can be relaxation. This is called supreme (or transcendental) generosity.

Francisco J. Varela

Source: The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience, Pages: 249

Contributed by: Ryan