A Quote by Francis H. Cabot on art, circumstances, confusion, correction, happiness, inclusion, individuality, life, loneliness, shyness, and timidity

Gardening is such a highly individual area that it is irresistible to egocentrics. . . . The word is used in its broadest, most correct sense and is not to be confused with egoist. It includes not only those who are normally, naturally self-centered, but also those who have been rendered self-centered by circumstances - those who are lonely, timid, shy; those who have a compulsion to express themselves in some art or other; and, especially, those who are ostriches, who are only truly happy when they escape from the bewilderment of daily life by burying their heads in an interesting, well-ordered, and preferably beautiful landscape.

Francis H. Cabot

Source: Paraphrasing the theories of Taylor Whittle, The Avant Gardener, 2/2000

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