Ezra Bayda

A Quote by Ezra Bayda on spirituality, practice, experience, and presence

If you remember nothing else, always remember this one great secret of spiritual practice: we don't have to feel any particular way. We don't have to have special experiences, nor do we have to be any particular way. With whatever arises, whether it's pleasing or not, try to remember that all we can do is experience and work with whatever our life is right now. No matter what life is and no matter how we feel about it, all that matters in practice is whether we can honestly acknowledge what is going on, and then stay present with the physical experience of that moment.

Ezra Bayda

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A Quote by Ezra Bayda on judging and labeling

We rarely take a breath without making a judgment.

Don't mistake naming for knowing.

Ezra Bayda

Source: Saying Yes to Life (Even the Hard Parts), Pages: 221

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