A Quote by Erich Fromm

Just as a child can never return to the mother's womb physically, so it can never reverse, psychically, the process of individuation. Attempts to do so necessarily assume the character of submission, in which the basic contradiction between authority and the child who submits to it is never eliminated. Submission is not the only way of avoiding aloneness and anxiety. The other way, the only one which is productive and does not end in an insoluble conflict, is that of spontaneous relationship to man and nature, a relationship that connects the individual with the world without eliminating his individuality. This kind of relationship - the foremost expressions of which are love and productive work - are rooted in the integration and strength of the total personality and are therefore subject to the very limits that exist for the growth of the self.

Erich Fromm (1900 - 1980)

Source: Escape from Freedom

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