A Quote by Douglas E. Harding

The big thing for me, a development over the last few years, is the
realization of the Incarnation. To put it very, very simply, if it is
true what Tennyson says, what the Koran says, that God is nearer to
me than my hands and my feet and my breathing, then God is Here and
This is where he lives. This is the temple of the living God, and these
hands are not coming out of an organism Here. I see that they’re
coming out of the Space. Then these hands do a different job. These
feet go on the errands of God, and this voice speaks his words. They
are the instruments of Who we really, really are. This is a very different
organism from the one we see in the mirror and see around us. This is
the First Person, and the First Person is totally different from the
third person.

Douglas Harding

Source: Face to No-Face

Contributed by: Rev. Travis Eneix