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You are divine at centre, human in appearance – at a certain range.Seeing Who you really are doesn’t mean you are no longer aware of your appearance, no longer self-conscious – that’s impossible as well as undesirable. So you still respond to your name, still recognize yourself in the mirror, still take responsibility for your actions. Of course. But you are now aware that your humanity is like a disguise, an incarnation you have taken on to be here in this world. Inwardly you are God, outwardly you are a person – a unique person with a special contribution to make. Instead of thinking you are just that person, that appearance, you are awake to the Power behind you, the Safety within you, the Source of inspiration and guidance at the heart of your human life. This enables you to be yourself even more so.

Douglas Harding

Source: The Mirror Experiment in The Headless Way

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Here is just emptiness.  There is no getting my ego out of the way, and all that stuff.  There is just the seeing, shining in great brilliance and clarity.

Douglas Harding

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The big thing for me, a development over the last few years, is the
realization of the Incarnation. To put it very, very simply, if it is
true what Tennyson says, what the Koran says, that God is nearer to
me than my hands and my feet and my breathing, then God is Here and
This is where he lives. This is the temple of the living God, and these
hands are not coming out of an organism Here. I see that they’re
coming out of the Space. Then these hands do a different job. These
feet go on the errands of God, and this voice speaks his words. They
are the instruments of Who we really, really are. This is a very different
organism from the one we see in the mirror and see around us. This is
the First Person, and the First Person is totally different from the
third person.

Douglas Harding

Source: Face to No-Face

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Relying on the given facts rather than preconceptions is always sound policy.

I neither am my body nor in it.  On the contrary, it - along with the rest of my world - IS in me. 

What was wrong with alternatives (1) BEING the body and (2) BEING IN the body was the notion that, in and for oneself, one is a limited thing stuffed with a lot of even more limited things. Correct the false notion that you are an example of the taxidermist's art, and you will find that all three alternatives come to the same thing.

Which isn't a thing at all,  but immense and brilliantly conscious capacity for everything under and above the sun,

Douglas Harding

Source: Look for Yourself: The Science and Art of Self-Realization, Pages: 64..67

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The lost Gospel according to Thomas, discovered "by accident" in an Egyptian cave in 1945, couldn't have appeared at a more opportune moment in history, or with a message that speaks more directly to our condition and needs.

In this early apocryphal Christian text, the living voice of Jesus comes down to us directly, bypassing all that men have been saying about him and doing in his name. It comes across distinctly, high above the confused roar of two millenia of Christendom, so-called.

It's as if he himself had planted this beneficient time bomb in the cave at Nag Hammadi, carefully setting the fuse to delay its explosion till the world would be ready for the impact.

It's as if, so tragically far ahead of his time, he knew when significant numbers of quite ordinary men and women ( as distinct from highly specialised and disciplined saints and sages and seers ) would at last be capable of catching up with his vision of the Light, his experience of what he calls the Kingdom.

Douglas Harding

Source: Look for Yourself: The Science and Art of Self-Realization, Pages: 111

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Whether looked at from outside or inside, bodies dissolve, matter vanishes, spirit remains - once we bother to go into the matter. “Spirit is the living body seen from within, and the body is the outer manifestation of the living spirit.” Extend this statement by Carl Jung to all bodies from electrons to galaxies, and you have the ultimate physics

Douglas Harding

Source: Look for Yourself: The Science and Art of Self-Realization, Pages: 72

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